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In this post I tried to mine bitcoin using a mining browser called CyptoTab and at the same time advertise on adf.ly to see if anyone can earn a decent income. The below results I invited 5 people to join and install the browser and mine for 2 days straight. This method requires you to post a lot of your links to facebook groups, youtube comments, reddit comments, and other high traffic sites. Not recommended if you want to see quick results.

To begin, you will need a crypto currency wallet, which are available in all app stores, make sure to check reviews and activate 2 way authentication to avoid being hacked.

Although they have a high trustpilot rating, we always advise to check before you get started.

Make sure to apply for an account at both the websites (note: affiliate links)



Once done you will be requested to install a chrome extension browser called cryptotab browser which will be used for mining.

Orangepie offers to give 2 USD per confirmed or approved users that installed and start mining coins consistently in the 4 tier one countries (US,UK,CAN,AUS)

They provide great resources such as videos, social media post and banners with your own affiliate link included. Make sure that your link is available otherwise you will not be credited for people that signs up.

Make sure to copy your links:

I will be sharing how to start getting more users to join you.

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