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In this method, I am going to show you how to create and grow an Instagram account from scratch and sell it for a profit. You can also use the same techniques here if you just want to increase your followers. I will be constantly updating all methods to help you get faster results. Once you have followed that method, please comment or add your results. Now, let’s get started.

1) First off, find out the niche you want to create, it is better to start with a niche that you are interested in. Below are the most popular niches in Instagram today:

  1. Health and Fitness
  2. Sports
  3. Beauty
  4. Travel
  5. Business
  6. Fashion
  7. Lifestyle
  8. Animals
  9. Relationships
  10. Music
  11. Parenting
  12. Food

After that answer these questions this will get you on track and provide a better description in case you want to sell or grow it as your own.

What are their age groups?
Where do they live?
What are their job titles?
What are the reasons they use Instagram?
What are their pain points and challenges?
What can you offer them products/services?


What are their age groups? (25 to 35 yrs old)
Where do they live? (United Kingdom)
What are their job titles? (Athletes / Sports Instructors or coaches)
What are the reasons they use Instagram? (Get updates about their role models or see their students/competition. get inspiration)
What are their pain points and challenges? (Missing a training schedule, losing due to lack of mental focus)
What can you offer them products/services? (Performance enhancing tools or services, products related to their sport)

2) Create an Instagram with a name relating to the niche

Here are the tools to help you generate usernames:




3) Register and confirm your account. Edit your profile description so that it is more attractive to people. I will be using my own new Instagram account and grow its followers. Make sure to what they will get if they follow you – like Helping People Get 6 Pack Abs Faster, Shows You How to Do Make Up Faster, Inspires You to Become a Better Cricket Player and so on… below that add some emojis and a list of things that you will be posting. “Niche” Tips and Tricks, Techniques, Know how to “—-” and so on.

smartprofitclub instagram

4) Start adding at least 20 posts related to your niche.

Here are some of the posts to get started:

  1. Memes
  3. Products
  4. Celebrities
  5. Inspiring images
  6. Related images

Suck at getting post ideas? here are tools to get you started:

https://www.planoly.com/ – free allows you to post 30 per month.

Make sure to add your facebook business page account, your instagram has to be connected to a business page.

Start posting content to your instagram account:

You can find content in repost or free content

Need captions for descriptions? Your covered



Search in app stores for more caption generators.





OK, lets move to growing your Instagram account by adding followers. Start by following 5 to 10 people on instagram that are related to your niche.

After that use the below tools to reach around 1,000 followers.

1 – https://famoid.com/get-free-instagram-followers/  – (Tested and working)

2 – https://www.trollishly.com/free-instagram-followers/

3 – https://skweezer.net/trial  

4 – https://www.instafollowers.co/free-instagram-followers 

5 – https://www.socialnoor.com/free-trial/instagram-followers/ 

6 – https://instagrowing.net/free-instagram-followers/ 

7 – https://www.idigic.net/trial/ 

8 – https://uberinsta.com/free-trial 

9 – https://www.instandid.com/free-trial/ 

10 – https://socialfollow.co/

11 – https://addmefast.com/ – (tested and working) Addmefast is a social media likes/follows/views exchange platform that allows you to grow your account for free. 

Software: http://likezoid.com

Upon reaching 5,000 followers you can start listing your account for sale and get 50 to 200 USD depending on how active your account is. Prices for 10,000 are around 500 to 1,000 USD, depends on engagement rate of your followers.








Note: be careful when selling, always go for escrow as there are a lot of scammers. Let the buyer pay for the escrow fees. (Escrow is a type of 3rd party that holds the money or property and releases it to both parties as soon as both agree that all transactions are complete.)

To see how valuable your account is you can use these free tools.



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